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“I welcome you as you are and provide a safe, compassionate, non-judgemental and nurturing space for you to unfold into your healing”.



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Are you longing to understand your body better and be empowered to make choices that will build and nourish your health through the different seasons of your life?

I share the wisdom of Ayurveda in a practical and simple way to make it easy for you to create deeper health and balance in your life!

I work with people living with chronic illness, as well as those who know that something is just not right, despite blood tests in the normal range and are tired of being told that it is ‘all in your head’, especially when it comes to hormone balance!

I also work with those who are well but wish to understand their body better and thrive!

Together we will discover the ‘root cause’ of your imbalance or dis-ease.

We’ll explore how to remove the cause, and create a pathway for building better health with strong and happy digestion, deeper sleep, less anxiety, pain free cycles, naturally balanced hormones, and abundant energy.

Blending the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga with modern techniques I would love to help you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and live with more vitality, ease and joy.


What does a session with me look like?

During your Initial Consultation we will:

Explore your current health and wellbeing; physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically.

Explore your health history to determine your patterns and discover the root causes of your current state.

Assess your Ayurvedic constitution, (Prakriti), via diagnostic analysis of your pulse, tongue, eyes, and nails.

Discuss your health goals.

And together we’ll create your personalised treatment plan to guide your first steps to creating balance and harmony for your whole wellbeing.

This will include food and daily rhythms recommendations, self-care techniques, breathing and nervous system care, and emotional support.

Please allow 90 minutes for your initial consultation.

50 minute follow up consultations may be recommended after your first consultation.

For ongoing support, see my Nourished Health Mentoring Package below. 

Nourished Health Mentoring Package

Three months ongoing support

The Nourished Health Mentoring Package is designed to give you my ongoing support for realising your health goals.

For 12 weeks I’ll be your mentor, accountability partner and cheerleader for bringing conscious, uplifting and nourishing habits into your life for your whole wellbeing and health.

With my support you’ll learn to trust the wisdom of your own body and respond to its needs!

I’ll support you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Together we will create a personalised treatment plan, that will evolve as you do, to nourish your nervous system, your digestion, your sleep, and bring balance and health to your hormones and your life.

We’ll also discover and dissolve outdated thought patterns and habits that are stopping you from moving forward in your life. 

Available as in person support or online. 

Payment plans are available. 

What You'll Receive...

My Personal Support Including:

Your initial consultation valued at $170
3 x monthly in person (or online if O/S or Interstate) 50 minute follow up sessions
3 x 30-minute zoom or phone check in calls on the alternate f/n.
Weekly email support to answer questions
Emotional, mental, and spiritual support for living your most free and beautiful self!


Kitchen Wisdom and Recipe ebook to help you set up your Ayurvedic Kitchen and enjoy over 20 recipes.
Dincharya, aka Daily Living, Templates
Your Weekly Habit and Meal Planner Charts

Your Sacred Self Care Kit:

Copper Tongue Scraper
Living Ayurveda Organic Self Massage Oil 200ml
3 Months of Personalised Organic Herbal Preparation. 

One payment of $990 for your future health OR 3 x $330

Apply via the link below. 

Once I receive your application we’ll schedule a free 20 minute call to get to know each other and discuss your needs. 

Three months later I am more peaceful, contented and at ease in my life! I am on the path to great health and vitality!

As a teacher and mother, I’d been giving out way more that what I was putting back into myself. I was always holding space for others; friends, my lovely clients and loved ones.

I kept getting colds, was stressed, tired, easily agitated and depressed. I always had a mental checklist in my mind of things that needed to be completed that day or by the end of the week.

Jacqueline guided me back to nurturing myself, to bring balance back… and to simply slow down.
Jacqueline’s tailored Nourished Health Mentoring has reminded me that healing takes time. Three months later I am feeling more peaceful, contented and at ease in my life! I am on the path to great health and vitality!
Warmest thanks to Jacqueline who has been an incredible support and guide to me.


Tori Testimonial

Such a great investment in myself!
My digestion is great, my skin is glowing and I’m feeling a lot more energetic. The quality of my sleep is better and I’m feeling more resilient.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Jacq in her Nourished Health Mentoring package.
Her knowledge of women’s health and hormones is incredible. The way she blends it with Ayurvedic medicine and real whole foods whilst meeting you where you’re at is something I’d been looking for.

She’s such an inspiration, and very caring and nurturing.

I love the holistic focus and having her cheer me on and celebrate my successes along the way. The Mentoring package keeps you focused, accountable and on track.

My digestion is great, my skin is glowing and I’m feeling a lot more energetic. The quality of my sleep is better and I’m feeling more resilient throughout the month. My periods have improved and breast tenderness disappeared. I highly recommend working with Jacq, and am looking forward to joining her on one of her magnificent retreats.

So grateful I found you!

Tori Bowes

Seasonal Cleanse

and Conscious Living Reset

Seasonal Cleansing is your unique opportunity to redefine your relationship with yourself, press pause on some not so great habits, that inevitably creep in, and create better health!

When we keep on living the same way, day in and day out, our digestion and bodily systems gradually accumulate toxins.

These toxins disturb our digestion, and perpetuate the experiences of feeling sluggish, tired and foggy,
with aches and pains.

Keep going and you’ll be laying the foundation for inflammation, allergies and reactivity, skin rashes, headaches, disturbed digestion and arthritis down the track… sometimes earlier, sometime later!

Shift your habits with the seasons to create lasting health!

Join us for a chance to come back to yourself and your bodies needs and reset your habits
to create more wellbeing and thrive!

Autumn and Spring are natural times for our bodies to drop into cleanse mode.

You’re invited to join this vibrant group of conscious cleansers to release accumulated toxins,
support your immune system, and invite more energy and health into your life!
Reset and create habits that are in synch with the rhythms of nature and the rhythms of YOUR NATURE!

Seasonal Cleansing is your pathway creating future health and vibrancy.

Returning participants always receive 50% off.



Living Ayurveda Massage Hands

Oiling the body has long been revered in Ayurveda. Now modern science confirms that the regular oiling of the skin keeps the micro-biome of the skin healthy, promotes a strong nervous system, improves gut function and supports better sleep!

Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic style of massage. Long, slow and firm strokes create a grounding and calming effect for the recipient. Circular movements around the joints stimulate the movement of energy, circulation and releases stiffness.

Massage may be booked as an individual session, or as part of a package.

Living Ayurveda uses the highest quality organic oils for massage treatments.


Living Ayurveda Shirodhara

Shirodhara is a beautiful Ayurvedic therapy. Incorporated into a massage, warm oil is streamed continuously across the forehead for 20mins creating profoundly deep relaxation.

This technique is especially useful for alleviating anxiety, insomnia or mental stress.                   

Shirodhara can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to experience deep peace or it may be recommended as part of a treatment plan with a booking of 3 in a row.

Individual Shirodhara:

Multiple Sessions of Shirodhara:

Gift Vouchers

Living Ayurveda Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for consultations, massage and shirodhara treatments.

Cancellation Policies apply for all Living Ayurveda services. See Terms of Service for more information.

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Jacq is a wealth of Knowledge on Ayurveda,
Yoga and Women's Health.

A great introduction to Ayurveda. Jacq is a wealth of Knowledge on Ayurveda, Yoga and Women’s Health. The venue is totally blissful and I enjoyed being immersed in the practices for 4 days. Thankyou!


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