Turmeric for Boosting Progesterone Levels

Did you know that Turmeric can help to increase your Progesterone levels? 
My love affair with Turmeric continues!!

Women need good levels of Progesterone to help to keep Estrogen balanced and under control. By that, I mean not increasing too much. Excess estrogen levels has many implications for a woman and they are not good. Excess estrogen increases a woman’s chance of breast and uterine cancer by many times, it increase the risk of endometriosis, fibroids and polycystic ovarian syndrome. And it make a woman feel heavy, tired, brain foggy and impair liver function. 
 Progesterone has many other important functions in your body  such as maintaining bone density; normalising blood sugar levels; protecting your breasts against fibrcystic changes and keeping libido up….just to name a few. 
Low progesterone creates sugar cravings; irregular periods; low bone density; fatigue and foggy thinking and many more unpleasant symptoms!  
This spring add to your progesterone levels naturally with turmeric, fresh or dried, carrots, beetroot and fresh greens. 
Try this fresh and delicious salad this Spring to boost your hormonal health!!  The seeds add some phytoestrogens (naturally occurring estrogen precursors found in foods) which will trick the body into feeling that it has enough estrogen and therefore decreases production. Carrot and Beetroot Salad
2 medium carrotsLarge bunch fresh parsley
1-2 medium beetrootLarge squeeze lemon juice
Olive oil        Handful sunflower and pumpkin seeds
1-2 inches of fresh turmeric root grated Salt and pepper
Peel and grate carrots and beetroots into a large bowl. Peel and grate turmeric finely and add to bowl. Add olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice to your taste. Dry roast seeds until starting to browm and pop, stir them into salad. Add chopped parsley. Stir and enjoy!  It is lovely served with avocado, goat chevre or fetta. 
In health,Jacq