Tongue Scraping? Who would have thought it was so good!

When did you last have a good look at your tongue? đŸ˜›

Did you know that your tongue can give you a wealth of information about how well your digestion is working? Your tongue is a map for all of the organs in your torso as well as your circulation! A bit like reflexology is on your feet.

 Each night when you sleep your body is processing the foods that you ate that day as well as, on a more subtle level, all of the impressions that your senses experienced. 

Your subtle process of digestion is at play.

Your body is also doing it’s house cleansing. Sweeping the channels of you gut clean and clear; releasing old bile, cleansing your blood…and preparing the waste to be removed in the morning with your first toilet stop! đŸšŊ

Your body removes its waste via your urine, stool, sweat and some comes out on the surface of your tongue!

Yes…your tongue! And if you don’t remove it gentle with a tongue scraper…it re-absorbs into your body…Yuk!! đŸĨ´

Ever noticed how some days you have a fine light coating on your tongue and other days…holy moly where did all that fur come from!!

That fur is a layer of Ama. It is the residue bi-product of poorly digested food.

When we indulge in too many processed and refined sweets and other foods 🍟🍔đŸĻ🍩🍰  
When we over eat or graze, when we eat too many heavy foods like cheese, meat, dairy, or anything that we know our body does not cope with well…then, the next morning, our tongue tells us how well we coped with digesting that food!

Our body tells us in other ways too…we may not have slept well, we may feels more heavy and sluggish, have more inflammation and pains. ☚ī¸

When our digestion is working well and we eat good quality food 🌱đŸĨĻđŸĨĨđŸĨ‘đŸŽ…the result, the next morning, is a fine layer if any at all. And we feel light and bright and ready to seized the day! .

Ayurveda teaches us that gently removing any gunk on the tongue, first thing in the morning, helps to cleanse the body of this foul bi-product of poorly digested food.

Less ama in your system means less inflammation and reactivity…especially at this time of year when hayfever is so prevalent!

Tongue scraping also helps to awaken your digestion for the day AND will get you in tune with the cause and effect of how both what you eat and how well you can digest plays a huge role in how well you feel!

Add tongue scraping to your morning routine today! Once you start…you’ll love it! 👅😀💗

Let me know your thoughts and if you have tried it!

xx Jacq