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Did you know that your tongue is a wealth of information about your overall health, how well your digestion is working and when it might be time for a cleanse?

Your tongue is an amazing diagnostic tool just waiting for you to discover!

A map of all of your visceral organs is right there on your tongue. And the outer rim shows how your circulation is faring. Just like reflexology maps of your body on your feet.




From “The Science Of Self Healing” by Dr. Vasant Lad

The shape and size of your tongue can tell you a lot about your constitution.

A broad and thick and pale tongue means you are more Kapha or earth and water elements.

A medium shape with a tendency to be sensitive, have geographic patches or is darker red indicates more of the fire element or Pitta.

And a long, thin tongue often with fine, or deep, cracks on the surface means you have more Vata, the air element.

Your tongue can also show up muscular and skeletal alignment, or misalignment. If, for example you have tight muscles on the left, your tongue can also pull to the left! 

Each night when you sleep your body is processing the foods that you ate that day as well as, on a more subtle level, all of the impressions that your senses experienced. 

Your body is also doing it’s house cleansing.

Sweeping the channels of you gut clean and clear; releasing old bile, cleansing your blood…and preparing the waste to be removed in the morning with your first toilet stop.

Your body removes its waste via your urine, stool, sweat and some… comes out on the surface of your tongue!

Yes…your tongue!

And, if you don’t remove it gently with a tongue scraper…it re-absorbs into your body…Yuk!


Tongue Coating


What is Ama?

Ever noticed how some days you have a fine light coating on your tongue and other days…holy moly where did all that fur come from!

That fur is a layer of Ama aka the sticky gunky bi-product of poorly digested food.

Ama is formed by:

indulging in too many processed and refined sweets,

eating when not hungry,

over eating or have too many heavy foods like cheese, meat, dairy,

eating foods that are incompatible like cheese and meat together.

Each morning, your tongue shows you how well you digested yesterdays food choices.

Your body has other ways of showing if your not digesting well too.

For example, poor sleep, headaches, feeling dull, heavy and sluggish, having more inflammation and pains. 

 Your tongue coating can also tell you about which type of imbalance you may have.

When the coating is only at the back it is more localised in the colon where your waste naturally accumulates.

Coating covering your whole tongue means ama / toxins have moved into your circulation and is affecting the whole body creating inflammation, lethargy or headaches as a few examples. 


headache from toxins

The colour of tongue coating will also gives clues as to which elements have accumulated with the toxins.

A yellow coating means there is too much heat, Pitta.

Creaming white and thicker shows cool dampness, Kapha.

When the coating has a greyer tinge it indicates excess air or Vata.

When your digestion is working well and you eat good quality food that suits you, the result the next morning, is only a fine film coating.

And you’ll feel light and bright and ready to seize the day!

Daily removing any gunk from your tongue gently with a tongue scraper, first thing in the morning, helps remove toxins.

Doing regular seasonal cleanses and detoxes removes the build up of ama from your system, refreshes your digestion and supports your overall health! 

Check out my Seasonal Detox and Reset Here! 



This is a Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

I like to use a copper tongue scraper as the copper is naturally antibacterial… and they look pretty!

You can buy them from me for $12.

Let me just say that the back of your toothbrush, or the bristles, just won’t cut it.

Try a tongue scraper and you’ll never look back!

Let me know your thoughts and if you have tried the magic of tongue scraping!

xx Jacq  



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