The Liver’s Role in Estrogen Dominance


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Did you know that your liver plays an integral role in your hormone health? Especially if you have estrogen dominance?

Heavy bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, sore fibrocystic breasts, and some breast cancers are all fueled by excess estrogen.

Your liver is a special processing and detoxifying factory. It does over 360 important functions, including breaking down excess and old estrogen!   

Through a 2 step/phase process, your liver filters and processes all toxins that you are exposed to. This includes environmental pollutants form the air and food, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs. It also processes the hormones that are natually in your blood.

In Phase I, the liver converts toxic substances into less toxic chemicals via oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis.

Phase 2 is where these compounds are further converted to a water-soluble form where they can be easily excreted via your urine, bowel movements (with the help of bile from your Gallbladder) and sweat. This process creates free radicals that, if not excreted, affect your liver’s ability to function well.

As well as detoxing these pollutants from our body one of the most important functions of the liver is processing estrogen.

Estrogen dominance, Mentrual Cramps, Fibroids, Heavy Bleeding

Estrogen role in your body

We women have three types of extrogen – estradiol, estrone, and estriol.

Estradiol is the most common.

Having excess estrogen doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is making too much.

It may be that your liver is not processing estrogen as well as it could. This creates raised levels in both the blood and stored in fat cells.

After estrogen has done its job of lubricating, building and keeping you juicy, it goes to the liver to be broken down and eliminated.

If your liver is struggling to function well from dealing with excess pollutants, sugars, substances and toxins it has trouble breaking down estrogen.

Overheating your liver by drinking too much alcohol and coffee will also impair its ability to breakdown estrogen.

If your liver is not working optimally, your estrogen is reabsorbed in your blood steam instead of being eliminated.

Now it fuels exceesss tussue growth in your body. For example, fibroids, endometriosis, fibrocystic breasts and cysts.

Excess estrogen also triggers inflammation and heavy bleeding, contributed to brain fog, water retention, weight gain and more. 

Of course there are always many factors that contribute to these scenarios in our bodies.

Stress is another key that disturbs our hormone balance. Long term stress robs our body of progesterone, which is estrogens stabilising partner. Too little progesterone means estrogen can increase to excess, without regulation, and fuel cell growth and the diseases this creates.

Another external factor (that becomes internal!) are Xenoestrogens. These environmental toxins mimic estrogen in your the body and are stored in most cells and especially your fat cells.

The liver has to work hard to break these down.

Your digestion and hormone balance are intimately connected. ⁠Many of the symptoms of excess estrogen can be alleviated by taking care of your liver and your digestion.

Seasonal Detox and Reset for estrogen dominance

Here are my 7 best tips for supporting your liver to work better and process excess estrogen from your body!

7 tips for suuporting your liver and hormone balance!

Gentle Cleansing – giving the liver a break regularly is essential for breaking down and removing excess estrogen. Check out my Guided Seasonal Detox and Reset here!

Have a break from Alcohol, coffee and recreational drugs. Give your body a chance to reset and mop up accumulated toxins. Your body will thank you for it!

Good quality fats – eliminate trans fats and processed food that give the liver a hard time. We do need good fats like olive oil and ghee to keep bile flowing well. No fats can lead to sluggish bile and sluggish elimination.

Eat enough fibre – low fibre also leads to constipation. Get enough fibre in your diet to support good bowel movements and the elimination of excess estrogen.

Add bitter foods to your diet to increase liver function and bile flow. Dandelion greens are excellent. Just add a little to your salad or smoothie! Adding fresh greens to your diet helps too.

Eating a plant based and mostly organic diet. Eating a plant based organic diet will take a load off your liver.

Avoid Xenoestrogens – avoid using plastics with food and in your household items such as a shower curtain. Avoid artificial fragrances and cleaning products to name just a few items. Eat organic!

With awareness and these tips you can make a big difference to your liver and your hormone health.

If you are suffering with any of the excess estrogen driven conditions, know that it is possible to alleviate them!

Reach out and book a free Clarity Call to see how I can support you in creating naturally balanced hormones.

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