The Heart of Menopause

A One Day Workshop to

Positively Transform Your Menopause Experience for Your Body, Mind and Soul.

Women, it's time to dissolve the stigma of Menopause and reclaim this transformation.

You can say goodbye to any of the negative symptoms and harness the gifts (Yes gifts!) of this time of life!

Gather with a small group of women to embrace and naturally navigate this time of your life. 
Discover how to alleviate poor sleep, hot flushes, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain, painful cycles or heavy bleeding, brain fog, and more…..
AND awaken and connect with your subtle energy to bring more joy and health to your days!
For too many years the general narrative about menopause has been that is it the beginning of the end. That from this point on you are less visible, less worthy, less beautiful, and less relevant.
All of this is so UNTRUE!
It’s time to reclaim Menopause as the powerful time of transformation that it is!

A significant time of transition, an opportunity to know and embrace all of  yourself even more deeply than before.


 At the heart of it, Menopause is a rite of passage for becoming who you wish to be for the second half of your life.

Menopause is not something that needs to be fixed.

It is a natural process that women in many cultures around the world embrace and move through smoothly with NONE of the symptoms we in the West commonly attribute to this time of life.  

Symptoms like hot flushes, insomnia, anxiety and weight gain, are in direct relationship to the level of endocrine and adrenal depletion you may be experiencing in the lead up to this stage, as well as your beliefs about aging. 

Certain daily habits can also exacerbate these symptoms. (I’ll be sharing how to reduce these experiences for your better health!)

Too many women reach perimenopause already running on empty after giving so much of themselves, for years, to their family, friends, or business.

Too much output and not enough input. 

The Heart of Menopause is all about re-connecting with yourself, nourishing your nervous and endocrine systems, and embracing simple habits that will balance your hormones help you to thrive through this time of transition, and beyond! 


10am - 4.30pm Sunday 4th August 2024


The Aldgate Healing Center



Maximum 6 participants.
Includes herbal teas & delicious snacks.
Please bring your own lunch.

LivingAyurveda hands

My menopause symptoms are no longer haunting me!

My menopause symptoms are no longer haunting me! Honouring my rhythms and taking time for breathing and meditation have been gamer changers.
I’m feeling more together, in control and no hot flushes. I feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually happy. Thank for your course! It’s been pivotal in grounding and awakening me for better health and wellbeing.


The Heart of Menopause Includes:

Understanding the different phases of menopause.

Discover the relationship between cortisol, estrogen and progesterone and how they affect your body.

Discover your unique constitution so you know how to navigate this time for your UNIQUE needs. 

Learn the 4 Pillars for a beautiful Menopause to reduce the physical symptoms of –  hot flushes, inflammation, aches and pains, insomnia and restless nights, fatigue, low libido, weight gain and poor digestion, gall bladder and liver issues, and heavy or painful bleeding.

Explore the connection between your physical condition and your state of mind. Plus how to reduce brain fog, anxiety, and second guessing yourself. 

Unpacking and dissolving unconscious negative beliefs and patterns about Menopause and aging.

Honouring and letting go of the fertile time of your life, and embracing your wisdom years.

Simple practices to help you live with more Heart Connection, embody your radiance, and keep you juicy and connected with your sensual body.

Exploring the Feminine and Masculine aspects of yourself and how they impact your patterns and life habits. 

Tying it all together – how to bring all that you have learned into your everyday for thriving in the second half of your life.

The Heart of Menopause Workshop is for your if you are in your 40's and are feeling the effects of your changing hormones and wish to connect with other women at this stage of life and empower yourself to create a smooth transition, AND if you are Post-menopause and are still experiencing the effects of hormone imbalance in your life. 

Only 7 places available. 

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Join us to create a joyful and empowering Menopause.

My chronic insomnia has melted away and my overall sense of well being is wonderful.

Jacqueline is a rare gift of a practitioner. She has utmost intelligence, warmth, passion and humour. From her I’ve gained invaluable insight into my body type, nutritional needs and controlling the roller-coaster of menopause. My chronic insomnia (bane of my life!) has melted away and my overall sense of well being is wonderful. I am so grateful to have access to such a qualified and competent Ayurvedic practitioner in Adelaide. It’s a delight to be in her nurturing hands! 



I'm now enjoying a more loving relationship with myself and life!

I am so grateful to Jacq. I had 10/10 endometriosis pain with every cycle, and was so fatigued from life, my kids and renovating. Now I feel so much more balanced and energised and, I am amazed that the pelvic pain is now either gone or a 1/10! I’m now enjoying a more loving relationship with myself and life!


Your Host

Hi I’m Jacqueline,  Ayurvedic Practitioner, Women’s Health Coach and Yoga Teacher of over 20 years.

I love to support women to understand her individual needs through the lens of Ayurveda and reconnect with her own inner wisdom.

From this space she can balance her hormones naturally and experience deep nourishment of body mind and soul to live with more energy and joy! 

I look forward to welcoming you and providing a compassionate, non-judgemental and nurturing space for you to unfold into your rejuvenation and healing.

xx Jacq

Menopause is an opportunity to connect with yourself, your needs, emotions and intuition, even more
deeply than before.
It's a time for unveiling your radiance and living your truth! Are you ready?

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