The Biggest No No At This Time Of Year

The biggest no no

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This 🔽 is one of the biggest NO NO’s at this time of year.


Well, actually at any time of year this is Prajnaparadha aka a crime against wisdom, and, a primary cause of disease.

But especially at this time of year, Spring, when your body is naturally wanting to lighten and detox. If we over eat we RETOX! Yuk! We build up rather than reduce and remove our toxins.

When the season is in flux as it is now, our digestion can also be in flux. One day you may be very hungry, the next not so much. Even within one day if can vary. Unless you are one of those rare peeps with super stable digestive strength! Lucky you!

Ayurveda is ALL about recognising and responding to your bodies changing needs.

It is all too easy to get into a groove of eating the same amount at each meal without responding to how your body is feeling in the moment.

How do you know if you have overeaten? 

Generally you feel heavy in your gut and tired or lethargic too.

You may experience pain or indigestion.

Your bowels clog up.

If you’ve overeaten at night your sleep will be affected and you’ll feel heavier and groggier the next morning.

Ayurveda recommends eating no more, as an adult, than twice what your cupped hands can hold.  Put your hands together and have a look!

It is also said not to eat beyond the burp.  Once a littel air is pushed up…that is the cue to stop eating.

Also remember to chew well and not talk too much when eating or be distracted in other ways like multitasking. When we eat and do these other things we tend to not notice how much we are eating and it is easier to go beyond full.

In general, for good digestion, eat one third solid food, with one third warm liquid and leave one third space to make room for digestion to occur well.

If you do overeat…. Try these simple tips to rebalance and prevent toxins building up and weighing you down.

Sip hot water with a little ginger powder added.

Wait until you are hungry until eating again. We should always only eat when we are hungry. After overeating it may take longer to regain your appetite to it is ok to skip the next meal if omt hugry. Allow your Agni akak digestive fire to burn bright again.

Or if not eating makes your blook sugar a bit wobbly then make your next meal liquid like a soup, juice or smoothie (not cold!).

Keep sipping hot water throughout the day to cleanse your channels. Try making a tea from equal parts cumin, fennel and coriander seeds. Boil 1tsp seeds in 2 cups water for 5 minutes. Strain and drink between meals.

Only drink a little warm water with your meal to not over dilute your Agni.

When you are aware of your appetites fluctuations and eat accordingly you will be well on the way to creating good health! Take care of your gut and your health this Spring! If you would like my support in getting your gut back on track you can book a free discovery call or an initial consultation session with me here.

x Jacq

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