Menstrual Pain and How to Alleviate It.

menstrual pain

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Too many women suffer from menstrual pain. Learn how to remove the cause of monthly menstrual pain and alleviate the symptoms naturally.

Do you suffer each month with menstrual pain that stops your world and lays you flat?

Do you take pain killers just to keep going? 

These scenarios are all too common. I hear about them almost everyday. 

Common yes. But normal… No! 

Girls and women assume that it is normal have to put up with monthly menstrual pain during her cycle.

This is simply not true! 

Your body is beautifully designed. It is an amazing work of art! If you are experiencing pain it is not because you are flawed or the design is wrong. 

Our body’s are designed such that we are NOT meant to have ANY cramps with our cycles. 

If we were meant to have cramps we would have more uterine contracting hormones than relaxing ones.

But we don’t! 

There are naturally twice as many receptors for uterine relaxing hormones (PGE 1 and 3’s), than there are for uterine contracting hormones (PGE2). 

Pain is your body’s way of trying to communicate to you that something is out of balance. 

Our bodies are challenged by many of the effects of modern living: from estrogenic endocrine disruptors in our environment and foods, to poor nutrients in packaged food and, of course, stress. 

Fibroids, endometriosis, poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), painful menstruation and heavy bleeding are all influenced by these factors. 

In Ayurveda, we always look to remove the cause before administering treatment.

Here’s three primary causes of painful menstruation and how to make your womb happy again!

Unhappy womb and menstrual pain

Why so painful?

No. 1 

Processed food and trans fats like soybean oil, canola oil, peanut oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil all stimulate PGE2’s which promotes cramps and menstraul pain.

What to do – minimise processed foods with these hidden trans fats and eat good quality fats like ghee, olive oil, coconut, hemp and avocado oil to reduce cramps!

No. 2 

Inflammation is another common cause of menstrual pain.

The above trans fats promote inflammation in the body.  Other triggers are processed sugars and even too many natural sugars, excess carbohydrates, meat, coffee and alcohol. 

What to do – Eat a plant based wholefood diet! Plenty of vegetables, some fruit, some small legumes like mung beans (the big ones like chickpeas are hard to digest and often cause bloating).

Reduce or let go of the inflammation triggers mentioned above. If you have excess heat or inflammation reduce the amount of nightshade vegetables: tomato, eggplant, capsicum and white potato. 

Doing a personally tailored Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse can make a big difference in a relatively short amount of time. Remove or reduce the trigger of inflammation and your body responds happily! This is the power of the medicine of subtraction. Take out what is causing the pain and replace it with something that brings joy, soothes and balances.

No. 3 

Stagnation in another major cause of menstrual pain. The ancient texts of Ayurveda state that where there is pain in the body, there is stagnation.

Painful menstruation, endometriosis, constipation, painful breasts are all possible only when there is a level of stagnation. 

By stagnation I mean that blood, the lymph and Prana (your body’s energy) are not flowing well in a particular area. 

When this occurs the physical channels become blocked creating local stagnation. Over time this lack of flow causes toxins (ama) to accumulate, which then fosters the production of further imbalance and creates a ripe environment for growths or cancers. 

Dr Claudia Welch in her wonderful book ‘Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life’ states that 

“The structure of the body reflects the state of qi (prana) in the body and the qi reflects the condition of the Spirit. If our Spirit is calm and harmonious, qi flows smoothly in our body. If qi is flowing smoothly, the bodily tissues and channels will be well formed, lubricated and nourished. When the spirit is discontent, the body may constrict and disturb the normal flow of qi, and the structure of the body will likewise become disturbed.” 

In this way we can see how stress also impacts our body. Most often when we are stressed we constrict. We hold muscles tight, we don’t breath well, we feel tense! 

So stress plays a role not just chemically and hormonally, (which is a whole other story for another day!) also but physically, via constriction, in creating stagnation. 

How do we remove stagnation? 

I’ll share three important points:

Womb beads

How to remove Stagnation in Your Womb

 Firstly, make sure that your digestion is working well. With good digestion you’ll reducing accumulating more toxins and your body will be able to support good tissue formation and function. 

Bloating, belching, excess wind, constipation, pain, diarrhoea, excess gurgling (borborygmus) are all signs that your digestion is not working optimally.

Secondly, reduce the stress in your life and adopt ways to manage the stress that is there to lessen it’s impact on your body.

Thirdly, breathe well! Easy belly, or diaphragmatic breathing is so important for your good health and menstrual cycles. For instance, belly breathing will keep Prana moving well in your abdomen and womb.  It will also help to reduce stress by activation your para sympathetic nervous system, your rest and digest mode.

It’s a win win!

I’ve had the honour of supporting many women with endometriosis, or heavy bleeding and painful menstrual cycles.

Not only had they lived with debilitating pain but also the pressure these conditions put on the bowel, bladder and digestive organs.

Pain often creates disconnection in the body. ⁠

Many have shared with me how they feel cut off and disconnected from their womb and belly, their lower pelvic organs. ⁠

It’s not always easy to connect within especially where there is pain…to breathe, go inwards and be present in that space….to begin connecting and healing. ⁠

But with patience and love and my tried and tested techniques and personal herbs, these wonderful women built their connection again and created their healing.

One client shared with me the warmth and life she felt in her womb after first feeling like it was atrophied and twisted. ⁠

It is possible to live with happy and pain free cycles.

Your body is amazing and does not have to feel like a battlefield. 

If you are tired of living with painful cycles book a free clarity call to see how I can help you to reduce your pain, love your body and rebalance!

x Jacq 

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