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Welcome to Living Ayurveda, where ancient science meets modern living for your whole wellbeing and natural hormone balance.

Weaving together the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga with Sacred Shadow Work and somatic therapies I am dedicated to supporting you to live the life you want to be living with health and vitality, ease and joy.


Your prescribed treatments and practices have helped me immensely.


Jacqueline Iles

Hello, I’m Jacqueline.

My heart’s calling is to help women create space for themselves in their lives to nourish their nervous system, balance their hormones naturally and connect to their feminine vitality so they have more energy, health, joy and ease in their lives.

Since experiencing depletion and an early Menopause, my calling has been honed by my own experience to focus on Women’s Health and Vitality. As a mum and business owner I know how full live can be and how easy it is to put ourselves last as we care for everything else! 

Read more about me and how I work.

Jacq's Embodied Wisdom course helped me to recognise that I am not alone in my self-care struggles and gave me tools to easily utilise in my daily life.

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Fernanda Alberici
Mum of 2, Melbourne

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